Our Goal

McFarlane Agencies

Our goal is to be a leading provider of insurance and Financial Services to our customers with the use of an experienced and professional team.

As an Independent broker, McFarlane Agencies is able to provide property insurance for experienced owners, first time buyers or first time property insurance applicants. Homeowners, Condominium, or Tenants policies are available with a pool of insurance companies to choose from. McFarlane Agencies guarantees that whatever your current situation is, you will be placed with the best company available to accommodate the coverages you need at the best possible premium. This guarantee also applies for each and every renewal.

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McFarlane Agencies represents a number of insurance companies who offer specific discounts for Age, Non Smokers, Mortgage Free, Alarm Systems, Experience, good claims record, newer homes, Multi Policies (have auto insurance with same company), and occupation. These discounts may apply to your risk and further contribute to lower premiums.

McFarlane Agencies does insure Seasonal Homes and rental properties. We also have markets to accommodate Mobile Homes, Log homes and wood stove exposures.

Home based business coverage is available to meet the increasing trends of entrepreneurship. You can protect your business assets and liability exposures from your home at an affordable premium.

Flexibility in personal property coverage allows our office to customize your policy to ensure your assets are properly protected. Personal property coverage limits can be increased beyond what is included in your policy if necessary. In addition, certain items of personal property coverage can be insured separately in order to avoid your deductible or override special limits built into your policy wordings.

Premium Financing is available with several options that enable you to control how your coverage is paid for throughout the year.